About This Calendar

The Events Calendar is the Duke's dynamic and comprehensive listing of campus events including lectures, conferences, performing arts, exhibitions, cultural activities, etc. which are held on campus and/or sponsored by departments, units, and groups. Users can search by date, event category, or organization/group, and can download event details to most personal calendar clients.

Public Affairs & Government Relations (PAGR), in partnership with the Office of Information Technology (OIT), maintains this calendar. PAGR manages calendar groups and users, and sets policy for calendar use; OIT provides technical expertise in the way of application development and support.

The Events Calendar was launched on July 23, 2008, and uses the open-source Bedework calendar software, developed by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, which is now part of Apereo. For more information about Bedework, please visit www.apereo.org/projects/bedework. An enhanced version was launched on September 7, 2011 offering an updated, branded designed coupled with new functionality including a faceted search.

Publish Events

Duke groups or departments can designate one or more calendar administrators, who are trained in the use of the calendar and have privileges to manage events for their groups. To request that an individual be added as a calendar administrator, please complete the Calendar Administrator Request Form.

To request a new calendar group, submit a Calendar Group Request.

Community Submission of Events

Any member of the Duke community with a valid Duke NetID can also submit events to the calendar. Community submissions are reviewed and published as appropriate. To learn more, visit Help.

Featured Events

The Office of News and Communications (ONC) identifies and selects events to be featured (via images) on the Events Calendar. To request that an event be considered for promotion, send e-mail to featuredevents@duke.edu. Include a digital image to illustrate the event, along with the photographer's name, a caption, and confirmation that you have rights to publish the image on Duke's site. Photos should be at least 300 dpi to display well; smaller sizes may be acceptable. The event must be published on the calendar.