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  • Data/GIS: Web GIS Applications

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    Data & GIS Workshop Series


    Mark Thomas


    Libraries, Franklin Humanities Institute (FHI), Pratt School of Engineering, and Social Science Research Institute (SSRI)

    Bostock Library 023 - Map




    Mark Thomas



    Compare and contrast several products intended for geospatial visualization (e.g., a map to embed in a blog or PowerPoint, or for a poster session) and in some cases for GIS data analysis. (1) ArcGIS Online: Companion to the ArcGIS client that allows members of a group to store and share spatial data online, and that can be used independently or in conjunction with the client; (2) GeoCommons: both a repository for spatial data as well as an analysis and visualization tool; (3) Google Earth: emphasis on its features that are most applicable in an academic setting. See our schedule for another session on Google Fusion Tables. (For reminders about Data & GIS workshops, subscribe to the Data & GIS announcement listserv: https://lists.duke.edu/sympa/info/dgs-announce)

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