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  • Tallis Scholars, Conducted by Peter Phillips

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    Duke Performances


    Duke Performances

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    JEAN MOUTON: Nesciens MaterWILLIAM CORNYSH: Ave MariaMOUTON: Ave MariaMOUTON: Quaeramus Cum PastoribusJOHN BROWNE: Salve ReginaMOUTON: "Kyrie" and "Agnus Dei" from the Missa "Dictes moy toutes vos pensées"MOUTON: Salva Nos CORNYSH: Ah, RobinCORNYSH: Woefully Arrayed CORNYSH: Magnificat ### Tallis Scholars are acknowledged titans of Renaissance choral music with a venerable four-decade history. In Duke Chapel, they bring the past to life with unimpeachable authority and craft.In 16th-century Calais, the retinues of England's King Henry VIII and France's King Francis I met in a field for a mutual show of power. Cloth-of-gold tents were raised and red wine flowed from fountains. Rival choirs squared off at a distance, the French led by composer Jean Mouton and the English by William Cornysh. Tallis' program of a capella music by Mouton and Cornysh proves yet again why these ten resplendent singers set the gold standard for sacred polyphony.

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