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  • Theatrical Translation as Creative Process Conference


    Theater Studies

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    Registration fee for non-students (covering lunches and transportation to and from conference venues) is $120.00.



    Translation Conference



    The Process Series will present staged readings of four theatrical translations: Huddersfield by Uglijisa Stilnac, translated and adapted by Caridad Svich; Vengeance Can Wait by Yukiko Motoya, translated and adapted by Kyoko Yoshida/Andy Bragen; The Ballad of the Pine Tree Killer by Rebekka Kricheldorf, translated by Neil Blackadder; and Apocalypse Tomorrow by Ricardo Monti, translated by Jean Graham-Jones. In addition, there will be readings of The Divorce Court Judge and Dirty Fraud, The Widowed Pimp by Miguel Cervantes and translated by Oliver Mayer outside of The Process Series. Andy Bragen, Neil Blackadder, Jean Graham-Jones, and Oliver Mayer will be in residence to rehearse the readings, and will join us to discuss their work as translators in the creative process. The Conference will be organized following the "Open Space" model in which there are no prepared papers or presentations, but every person attending can propose a topic for discussion. Further information will be provided on the first day of the conference. Location: UNC campus, Center for Dramatic Art.

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