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  • Llorar


    Literature, Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CLACS), Music, Romance Studies, and Theater Studies

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    The Program in Literature



    Experimental theater / music. Llorar works at the intersection of music and its environment, and explores the world that is generated in the breakdown of classical sound. The materials with which it composes its landscape are image, voice, words, the body, everyday objects, and the guitar. The show unfolds in English and Spanish, and is divided into two major parts, Llorar (Cry) and Reir (Laugh), its two creative modes. Written by Gastón Mazieres and Martín Virgili, Llorar was originally presented in Mar del Plata Argentina as part of the Festival de Arte Contemporánea and has also toured in Colombia where it was performed by Virgili and classical guitarrist Guillermo Bocanegra, from Colombia. Here it will be performed by Virgili and Bocanegra. The play is dedicated to Jimi Hendrix. Also co-sponsored by the Spanish Language Program.

    South America focus, Concert/Music, Theater, and International