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  • Screen/Society--Cine-East Series--"They Are Flying"

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    Q&A to follow w/ director Huang Chia-chun!


    Program in Arts of the Moving Image (AMI), Asian Pacific Studies Institute (APSI), and Asian & Middle Eastern Studies (AMES)

    Bryan Center Griffith Film Theater - Map


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    Okazaki, Hank



    THEY ARE FLYING (Huang Chia-chun, 2008, 118, Taiwan, Mandarin with English subtitles, Color, DVD) -- Q&A to follow w/ director Huang Chia-chun! -- In the summer of 2006, a group of youths from troubled backgrounds in Taiwan accomplished a remarkable feat by undertaking a 1,000-kilometer trip around the island on unicycles. Their story was captured in the 2008 Taipei Film Festival award-winning documentary THEY ARE FLYING. The movie highlights some of Taiwan's beautiful scenery; however, the real story here is that of the boys and the two men, Reverend Huang and Lu Su-wei, who inspire and lead them on the ride. The many boys here come from troubled backgrounds, each of which is so compelling that it could be a documentary in itself. While the documentary doesn't go into exacting details about any of the boys' pasts, it gives enough information to enable the viewer to better understand and sympathise with the boys. Through the voyage intertwined with tears, love and courage, the film led its audience to witness how the wounds of these young broken hearts were healed in the process.

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