Events Calendar Help

Use the following resources to learn more about the Events Calendar. For technical assistance, contact the OIT Service Desk.

Tour the calendar

To familiarize yourself with the features and functions of the new calendar, take a quick tour.  

Managing events

In order to manage events in the calendar, your group (or groups) and the associated calendar administrators must be established in the new system. To get started, submit a Calendar Group Request.  To add or remove someone as a calendar adminstrator from your calendar group, please submit a Calendar Admin Request Form.  Once your group and administrators are set up in the system, download the guide below about using the calendar system.

How-To Guide for Calendar Administrators


Find answers to your questions in the frequently asked questions.

Consuming XML feeds from the Events Calendar

Groups can pull its events from the Calendar to display on public webs site using XML, RSS or JSONP feeds.  A tool for website developers to create feeds for department websites is available here:

Contact the calendar administrator if you have questions about event feeds.