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Activist Affordances: Disability, Shrinkage and Improvisation

Sponsor(s): Cultural Anthropology
still from film; a man works in a giant sugar cane field

NCLAFF: Mal de Caña (Sugar Cane Malice)

still from film; three men in masks standing at edge of a pond

NCLAFF: Dioses de México (Gods of Mexico)

still from film; young girls lined up at a ballet barre

NCLAFF: Epicentro (Epicentro)

Mural painting depecting elements of traditional and modern Filipino culture, excerpted from Hila-bana Espasyo Temporal

“Hila-bana: Espasyo Temporal” -- Exhibit Opening

still from film; two women in indigenous dress stand in a rainforest

NCLAFF: Forest Mind w/ short film Polinizadorxs

Action Project at Catawba Trail Farms

Action Project at Catawba Trail Farms

Sponsor(s): Duke Service-Learning
animated still from film: a man and two boys fishing in a lake

NCLAFF: Mi hogar no es aqui (Home is Somewhere Else)

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NCLAFF: Eami: La memoría del monte (The Memory of the Forest)

Photo of Keri Blakinger and the cover of her Memoir, Corrections in Ink

Novel Justice: Corrections in Ink, A Memoir, with Keri Blakinger

Portion of "Lifting the Chains" cover image

Lifting the Chains: The Black Freedom Struggle in America Since Reconstruction

Sponsor(s): History
Paul Murray

Roots and Soul: Walking with Pauli Murray

Sponsor(s): Duke Service-Learning
A Duke Centennial 2024 Celebration

Duke Research & Innovation 2024

White wall with sunlight streaming in from a window

17th Annual Feminist Theory Workshop