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12/01/2022 X
poster art for Broadway production of "Rent" by Jonathan Larson - four letter stencils spell out "Rent" in street graffiti style

Auditions: "Rent" by Jonathan Larson- Angel and Collins Cover/Standby (Taped Submissions)

Sponsor(s): Theater Studies

Advancement and Promotion (Non-Tenure Track)

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Leader as Coach

Coffee & Crypto

Duke Coffee & Crypto - CANCELED

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Computational and Theoretical Neuroscience Journal Club/Seminar

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Catholic daily Mass


A Conversation with Graduate Student Benjamin Devlin

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Conflict Resolution

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Political Science Workshop: Laurence Cooper

Sponsor(s): Political Science
Participants sitting with their legs crossed on meditation pillows, eyes closed, hands placed on their laps.

Guided Meditation in the Student Wellness Center

Sponsor(s): Duke Student Wellness
Participants standing in forward lunges, arm stretched up towards the ceiling

Restorative Yoga in the Student Wellness Center

Sponsor(s): Duke Student Wellness
hand holding a deck of cards spread out showing each suit

Sleight of Hand in the Student Wellness Center Oasis

Sponsor(s): Duke Student Wellness
Join JSU/JLD for the biggest event of the year!


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DOM Medicine Grand Rounds

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Nephrology Grand Rounds

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Catholic daily Mass

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Department of Biochemistry. Jungsan "J." Sohn, PhD, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Seminar Title: Signaling Mechanisms of the AIM2-ASC Inflammasome.

Center for Translational Pain Medicine

Duke Pain Journal Club - "A neural circuit for the suppression of feeding under persistent pain"

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Pathology Grand Rounds - The Science of Mindfulness and Self-Compassion

Duke in Geneva, summer 2022 info session

Duke in Geneva - Info Session

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High Dimensional Random Forests Estimation and Inference


Mathematics for Human Flourishing

Sponsor(s): Mathematics
Grand Rounds

Duke Ophthalmology Grand Rounds

Shabbat with Jewish Life at Duke Services 6pm Dinner 7pm

Shabbat with Jewish Life at Duke

Sponsor(s): Jewish Life at Duke
Image of laser pointer with spring stars over observatory


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