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Photography Exhibition: "Red Summer"

"Red Summer" is a project by photographer Wendel A. White: large-format prints that, in his words, "combine photographs of the contemporary landscape made at or near the site of racial conflict with fragmented selections of contemporaneous newspaper reporting." Specifically, "the 'Red Summer' portfolio represents the stories of various locations in the American landscape where racial violence . . . erupted between 1917 and 1923. These years of conflict reveal several aspects of racial anxiety that inform our contemporary experience, including, though not limited to, racism, fear of violent black revolt, lynching, poverty, mass incarceration, and competition for employment. . . . The combination of the landscape photograph and the reproduction of newspaper fragments, usually being reported within a few day of the riots, is a rupture of the timeline (these places are not what they seem) and a conversation between the present and the past."

The "Red Summer" exhibition is produced in collaboration with the Archive of Documentary Arts, which is hosting a simultaneous exhibition of Wendel White's "Manifest" project.

Contact: CDS Front Desk