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Expert Environmentalist (new date!)

Come join Duke Environmental Alliance at their first ever Expert Environmentalist, a day-long symposium discussing 6 of the most pressing modern environmental challenges (please note the SCHEDULE CHANGE): Renewable Energy (11:00-12:00), Biodiversity (12:00-1:00), Water Issues (1:00-2:00), Hydraulic Fracturing (2:00-3:00), Food Sustainability (3:00-4:00), and Waste Management (4:00-5:00). Each of the six 1-hour segments will feature 3 10-minute presentations given by select speakers--professors, professionals, and undergraduate and graduate students--and will conclude with a Q&A panel, during which time the audience will have the opportunity to ask questions. --For a more detailed schedule, please visit our Facebook page: --Special thanks you to our sponsors: Duke SOFC, Duke DSG, and Sustainable Duke

Contact: Jessye Waxman