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Migrating Europe, version 2018

On the occasion of Eric LeLeu's exhibit of photography, "Visualizing the Invisible Jungle of Calais," a part of the collaborative In Transit project, a panel of scholars and artists will consider how those in Europe are responding this fall to the ongoing circumstances of thousands of migrants seeking entry - to the place, individual countries, and the political EU.

Chair: Helen Solterer (Professor of Romance Studies)

Piotr Plewa (DUCIGS visiting research scholar)
Mia Fuller (The University of California Berkeley and National Humanities Center)
Vincent Joos (Assistant Professor, Cultural Anthropology, Florida State University)
Raquel Salvatella de Prada (Assistant Professor of Practice in Art, Art History and Visual Studies)

Join us for a reception afterward at Leleu's exhibit in the John Hope Franklin Center Gallery from 6:15 p.m -7:30 p.m.

The John Hope Franklin Center Gallery is located at 2204 Erwin Road. Parking is available at the Duke Family Medicine/Pickens Building Parking Lot.