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Gender Wednesdays: The Relevance of Feminism in Margie Gillis's Work.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2019
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Margie Gillis

Gender Wednesdays. "The Relevance of Feminism in Margie Gillis's Work." Gender Wednesday is an Undergraduate Speaker/Luncheon Series aimed specifically towards undergraduates and hosted by Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studiers. This series aims to build an ongoing conversation that helps us widen our sense of opportunities and explore the many and varied ways of having an impact on our world.

Lunch is provided for the audience and guests.

RSVP to, or the Duke Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies Facebook Events page:

(Blue Parlor, East Duke Building)

Margie Gillis, Canadian choreographer, performer and teacher, is based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. At sixty-five years of age, she has maintained an active career that is followed with interest by audiences of all ages. She is one of a rare handful of mature artists who continues a full and ongoing process of discovery, transition and transformation, by constantly reinvestigating and reinterpreting the power of dance through her immersion in her career as creator, performer and teacher.