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Trust Your Instincts: Intuition, Leadership, and Listening to the Body

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Tuesday, April 30, 2019
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9:30 am - 11:00 am
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Caroline Korda Poole

Many of the world's greatest leaders and artists attribute their phenomenal success to their ability to trust their intuition.

A KPMG study published in 2018 noted that 67% of CEOs trusted their own intuition even when it contradicted the data before them. Recently, the world's richest man and Amazon's CEO Jeff Bezos went on record to indicate that he'd make the decision about the location of the company's second headquarters based on "...intuition after gathering and studying a lot of data," Bezos said. "[T]he best way to make it is you collect as much data as you can, you immerse yourself in that data, but then you make that decision with your heart."

If the world's most successful people trust their intuition, what is it, and how can you tap into and trust yours as well? Join Caroline Korda Poole for an interactive and entertaining workshop on the art and science of trusting your intuition and inner guidance. You will learn several techniques to deepen your intuition gleaned from sources as diverse as the US military remote viewing programs and ancient shamanic training. We all have intuitive ability.

Speaker: After almost 15 years working in international and community development and with extensive experience advising mid-career, international graduate students on careers in development, Caroline Korda Poole launched Centered Career, a career development consultancy with an emphasis on careers in international development.

Contact: Molly Starback