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Language Matters: Symposium in celebration of Professor Julie Tetel Andresen's scholarly accomplishments

This symposium foregrounds the approach to language mapped out in Languages in the World. How History, Culture and Politics Shapes Language (Wiley-Blackwell, 2016), co-authored by Julie Tetel Andresen (Professor, Duke University) and Phillip M. Carter (Associate Professor, Florida International University). This book examines linguistic structure in the midst of dynamics of Power, Movement and Time, and puts the traditional review of the language families of the world in rich non-linguistic contexts, thereby crossing linguistic structural information with historical, sociocultural and political contexts. The perspective is necessarily interdisciplinary. Languages in the World draws on research in anthropology and anthropological linguistics, evolutionary theory, historical linguistics, genetics, language variation and change, and sociolinguistics, among others. Sharing with researchers in these disciplines a commitment to understanding the context, the situatedness, of humans in their psychosocial and sociopolitical worlds, the authors of the book emphasize the situatedness of speakers' linguistic worlds.

Panelists for the symposium bring their diverse research backgrounds to exploring the real-world connections between speakers of a language and their identities, social and economic lives, and the survival of their culture.

Contact: Hae-Young Kim