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What Happened in Brazil?: Brazil After the Election of Jair Bolsonaro

The world was shocked by Brazil's recent election of a far-right president who loves Brazil's 21-year military dictatorship, guns, policeman who kill, and Donald Trump. How did this happen? How dark are the clouds gathering over Brazil? How are Brazilians, especially the most vulnerable, responding? Featuring keynote talks by human rights activist Djamila Ribeiro, (on Wed, 2/27 @ 6:30pm) law professor Silvio Luiz de Almeida, and Duke's John French, author of a major forthcoming biography of former president Lula.

Sílvio Luiz de Almeida's talk, "Crisis or Destiny?", will be at noon (12pm), and the talk by Duke Prof. John D. French, "Bolsonaro's Nostalgia for Death," will be at 5 pm, both in Rubenstein Library 153.

Contact: Ken Maffitt