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It Isn't Just About Talking to People: Why We Need Solid Qualitative Studies When Developing and Using Patient-Reported Outcome (Pro) Measures

Population Health Sciences Summer Institute
Wednesday, June 09, 2021
2:00 pm - 4:45 pm
Theresa Coles, PhD, Assistant Professor in Population Health Sciences; Christy Zigler, PhD, Assistant Professor in Population Health Sciences
Population Health Sciences Summer Institute

This workshop explores why qualitative studies are fundamental to the successful development of new and existing PRO measures, and how to integrate PROs into clinical studies. We will define and describe useful qualitative methods and tools for conducting qualitative work and explore what's at risk when we don't conduct fundamental qualitative studies, including not having an appropriate measure to evaluate patient success. We will also address funding strategies for formative and fundamental qualitative work.

Workshop Outcomes:

By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to

-Describe best practices for conducting qualitative studies:
1. Identifying outcomes of interest & selecting candidate PRO measures
2. Developing new PRO measures and fundamental qualitative methods
3. Ensuring a PRO measure is appropriate for inclusion in a clinical study
4. Comparing and contrasting qualitative method options

-Know how to best apply qualitative methods in different circumstances
-Understand what conclusions can and can't be drawn from fundamental qualitative work related to PRO measures
-Identify opportunities for funding qualitative studies related to PRO measures

Recommended Audience: Anyone interested in PROs. It's recommended (but not required) that participants who are not as familiar with PROs also attend the Intro to PRO workshop.

Early Bird Pricing ends Jan. 31. Register for 4 workshops and get 25% off.
Class Size: No Limit