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Music & Audio:An Introduction to Abelton Music Software

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Thursday, September 02, 2021
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Brooks Frederickson

This semester joins Ph.D. candidate Brooks Frederickson in a deep dive into the industry-standard recording and performing software Ableton Live. Throughout the semester, we'll look closely at Ableton's robust built-in synths, drum samples, effects and utilities. The ideas and concepts discussed at these workshops will be designed not only to teach you the specifics of Albeton's software, but to teach you the fundamentals of digital sound synthesis and manipulation, which can be applied to any other DAW - Logic, Reaper, Garageband, etc. Students do not need to own Ableton, as the Ruby's computer lab is outfitted with computers that have Ableton already installed on them.

In this introduction to Abelton participants will set up a project, learn the basics of how to navigate between Session View and Arrangement View, learn how to route audio and MIDI into and through Ableton, learn the difference between a MIDI and Audio Track, learn how to arrange clips to make your first loop or beat, learn how to balance, and adjust track volume and panning.

Contact: Kevin Erixson