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China's Holocaust: A New View of the Sino-Japanese War

A historic not-so-fiction about war, horror, and love.
Why are nerves tugged in East Asian countries whenever visits to the Yasukuni Shrine happen? What motivates continued controversy over verdicts of post-WWII trials up till today?

Come next Friday night and join a book talk by Dr. Hung Cheng, Professor at MIT and author of Nanjing Never Cries, a novel offering a panoramic narrative of four people caught up in the violence and tumult in the Nanjing Massacre. Vivid and distressing, the talk calls to mind the murder and torture, the resilience and humanity embedded within that period of time.

Free dinner provided at the event!
For those who are interested in the full story, come to our bookselling event next Tuesday at BC Plaza for a 20% discount on the novel!