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DHI Week | Publishing In/With Hybrid Forms

Please join the Digital Humanities Initiative for the Tuesday events in DHI Week 2019! RSVP here:

A brief schedule is below. Full descriptions and schedules for our DHI Week events can be found here:

Panel 1: 12:00 | Multimedia and Web Content in Monographs and Journals: New Options for Humanities Authors - Speakers: Kat Charron (NCSU), Jessica Ryan (Duke University Press), David Bell (Duke), and Liz Milewicz (Duke Libraries). Moderated by Sylvia Miller (FHI).

1:30 | Lunch

Panel: 2:00 | Futuristic Publishing Forms for Digital and Hybrid Scholarship - Speakers: Helen Burgess (NCSU), David Zielinski (Duke), Aaron Kutnick (Center for Documentary Studies), and John Herr (Duke Trinity Technology Services). Moderated by Amanda Starling Gould (FHI).

3:30 | VR/AR Demo with David J. Zielinski

Contact: Jennifer Zhou