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Tree of Life: A Healing Space

In early March, participants in "What Worlds Do You Want to Create?", a continuing education class at the Center for Documentary Studies (CDS), convened to create a contained new world in the Juanita Kreps Gallery at CDS:

"This was to be an experiment. We each brought what we had and tried to create a synthesis. We spent the first several class sessions building a collective tree of life that brought together our individual sites of healing. We struggled with found objects to build something that would be structurally sound and authentic to a collective vision. The piece continued to evolve throughout our time together.

Life happened to all of us during these months. We experienced health struggles, travels between coasts, vacations, work obligations, and transformative life events.

Riffing on the idea of sites of healing, each person took on a section of the space to build their own multi-dimensional story. We are happy to invite you into this experiment with us.

This installation was made possible with the magic and direction of Courtney Reid-Eaton.

Thank you to Courtney, April Walton, and CDS for the space and the opportunity to try something new."

"What Worlds Do You Want to Create?" was facilitated by Mendal Diana Polish and Lisa Suzanne Turner (El Suze)

Contact: CDS Front Desk