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Natural Language Processing Winter School

Machine learning is a field characterized by development of algorithms that are implemented in software and run on a machine (e.g., computer, mobile device, etc.). Recently, with increasing access to massive datasets, and to significant advances in computing power, machine learning performance has improved markedly. Further, over the last five years, significant advances have been made in a subfield of machine learning called "deep learning."

In the Natural Language Processing (NLP) Winter School (WS), a focus will be placed on an area of machine learning that is impacting many areas of life: the capacity of machine learning to "read," analyze and synthesize natural text. The NLP-WS will introduce participants to the deep-learning technology that has revolutionized (within the last several years) the capacity of machines to perform language translation, to answer questions posed for given text, and to generate (synthesize) text that is near human-generated quality.

The NLP-WS is meant to be accessible to a wide audience, not just those with prior technical experience. The objective is to introduce the transformational field of deep-learning-based natural language processing to a diverse community of interested learners.

For more information about the NLP-WS, and to register, please see