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Canceled : Listen To Your Gut: Engaging the Public with Science and Sound

March 20th SciComm L&L Event - Listen to Your Gut: Engaging the Public with Science and Sound
Friday, March 20, 2020
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Dr. Erin McKenney and Jude Casseday
SciComm Lunch & Learn

Connecting science to the public is an important task that scientists are asked to do more and more. It can range from the classic science café or rehearsed TED talk to the interactive museum demo. In this Lunch & Learn, join Dr. Erin McKenney and artist, Jude Casseday, to learn how they engage the public with science and sound. Together, they have collaborated to transform Dr. McKenney's microbiome research examining the microbes in your gut and the microbes in sourdough bread into experiential soundscapes-the listener can HEAR the changes in the data! Join us to learn about new and creative ways to engage in STEAM, bringing the arts and sciences together to interact with the public!

Dr. Erin McKenney studies how microbial communities form over time and how they adapt to their environments.

Jude Casseday (aka dejacusse) is a soundscape artist and electronic musician from Durham, North Carolina. Her work ranges from sound experimentation to more structured compositions for dance, film, art events and yoga.

Contact: sarah cromer