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Radical Repair Workshop Debut

Writing that says "radical repair workshop" and "there, i fixed it."
Saturday, January 18, 2020
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Julia Gartrell

Julia Gartrell, an artist and sculptor from Durham, has been in residence in the Rubenstein Arts Center since November developing the Radical Repair Workshop. This pop-up art experience-inside a vintage 1966 Frolic camper-will encourage participants and viewers to consider their relationship to mending, sentimental objects, single-use items, and radical (potentially non-functional) modes of repair.

After months of repair to the trailer itself, step into the Radical Repair Workshop during its first visit to Duke's campus on the heels of its premiere at Durham's Third Friday! Inside you will find a small gallery, a workshop space, and information on both repair in general and the project in specific.

Through future workshops and visits around the region, the Radical Repair Workshop will teach concrete skills, such as sewing and darning, but also explore abstract notions of repair.

Contact: Katy Clune