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Diaspora, Displacement, and Postmemory in South Korea

As South Korea rapidly becomes a multicultural society that is transitioning from a traditional ethnocentric country of kinship to a globalized society of citizenship, Koreans' collective desire to understand the nation's history and restructure its racial, national, and cultural identity is exploding. This talk attempts to redefine diaspora from the 21st-century perspective and investigates unique characteristics of Koreans' diasporic experience and sentiments embedded in cultural production and consumption, and South Koreans' burgeoning aspiration to reconstruct postmemory.
Miseong Woo is a professor in the Department of English Language and Literature at Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea, and Fulbright Professor of Korean Studies at Emory University for Spring 2020. Her research interests include race, gender, modernity in modern drama, the literary and visual history of Asian diaspora, and cultural encounters between the East and West in popular culture. Co-sponsored by Korea Forum. Contact: