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24 Hours of Open Borders - Experimental Documentary

image: What if Borders were open for 24 hours?
Wednesday, March 04, 2020
6:00 pm
Mariana Puero López

The Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies and its Graduate and Undergraduate Certificate Programs are proud to present a sneak preview of 24 Hours of Open Borders, a multi-site experimental documentary on migration by Curatorial Cinema, a Bogotá-based branch of a transnational artists' collective founded by The Fire Theory from El Salvador. Employing 24 different artistic and humanistic perspectives, the documentary project is designed as "a day" in which typical conceptualizations of migration are interrogated, deconstructed, and transformed. According to Curatorial Cinema, "Given current debates and discussions surrounding the politics and ethics of migration in the United States, this presents an opportunity to approach the subject through an artistic, experimental, and utopic lens."

Curatorial Cinema member Mariana Puerto López will be present. Duke PhD Kency Cornejo, asst. prof. of art history at the University of New Mexico, will moderate the discussion.

Contact: Kenneth Maffitt