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MEMS Seminar: “NASA’s High Value Risk Targets in Spaceflight Human System Risk”

Thomas Lord Department of Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science Fall 2023 Seminar Series with Daniel Buckland, MD/PhD, Deputy Human System Risk Manager - NASA Johnson Space Center.
Title: "NASA's High Value Risk Targets in Spaceflight
Human System Risk"
Abstract: The Human System Risk Board (HSRB) has the overall responsibility for tracking the evolution of the top ~30 human system risks that it has identified to be associated with human spaceflight. The Board is also charged with maintaining a consistent, integrated process to mitigate those risks, and developing evidence-based risk posture recommendations. Each Risk Custodian Team identifies High Value Risk Mitigation Targets that have the highest likelihood or greatest impact in reducing their risk. These typically include areas where there are major gaps in knowledge or capability; or other targets that promise to yield returns worthy of investments in time, money and other resources by stakeholders interested in reducing Human System Risk. High Value Risk Mitigation Targets can include research activities funded by the Human Research Program, but often involve recommending standards, monitoring, or other operational goals to reduce risk.

BIO: Daniel M. Buckland MD PhD is the Deputy Human System Risk Manager at NASA Johnson Space Center via an Intergovernmental Personnel Act Detail from Duke University where he is an Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine and Mechanical Engineering (for this seminar he will be speaking in his NASA role).

Contact: Amy Spaulding