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Shalom, Friends: Friendship, Honesty, and Loyalty with Miriam Anzovin

Miriam Anzovin, creator of Daf Reactions on TikTok, joins us on October 24. Find her online @MiriamAnzovin on Instagram and TikTok
Monday, October 24, 2022
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Miriam Anzovin

Jewish Life at Duke is delighted to welcome Miriam Anzovin to Duke. A woman with many creative and intellectual skills, she is a writer, visual artist, and a content creator on TikTok and other social media platforms. Her work encourages her audience to engage with Jewish literature, history, and tradition in creative and dynamic ways authentic to each individual, no matter their level of knowledge, belief, or observance.

Creator of the viral "Daf Reactions" TikTok series, Anzovin has been featured in publications such as HeyAlma, Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Jerusalem Post, Ha'aretz, and The Forward, and podcasts and other media such as The Shalom Hartman Institute's "Identity/Crisis," "Chutzpod," "Can We Talk?", and more.

Anzovin is the very first artist in residence at Moishe House, a global organization that serves as a home for the young adult Jewish community. She has also hosted her own podcast, "The Vibe of the Tribe," interviewing individuals from a wide array of professions including rabbis, athletes, and comedians, and getting their take on Judaism.

Join us on October 24 for a lively conversation about friendship, honesty, and loyalty.