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Electronic Health Records Study Design Workshop (EHR-SDW)

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Monday, December 05, 2022
All Day

The EHR-SDW is targeted towards individuals interested in learning about how to work with and conduct studies using electronic health records (EHR) data. EHR data are a widely available form of real world data that have become standard in studies ranging from clinical trials, comparative effectiveness, risk prediction, and population health. The EHR-SDW will introduce the components of EHR data and introduce considerations for design of effective studies. In addition to didactic lectures, participants will get hands on experience in working with publicly available tools to facilitate EHR studies (e.g., RxNorm, CCS codes, geocoding) as well as feedback on effective study designs that they will work on.
The 5-day workshop, which will be conducted virtually via Zoom, will combine foundations lectures with hands-on studios allowing participants to engage directly with experienced practitioners. After the introductory first data, each day will focus on a specific study design that utilizes EHR data:
· Randomized Studies
· Observation Studies
· Prediction Studies
· Population Health Studies

Each day will be broken into a didactic morning session and group based afternoon session:
· The morning session will consist of lectures by experts in conducting the types of studies discussed. Topics will cover rationale for the type of studies, how and why to leverage EHR data into the study, and caveats to be concerned about when using EHR data for such studies.
· The afternoon session, will allow participants to gain experience designing the discussed study topic. An experienced practitioner will walk through a design plan for the study under discussion. Then participants will be broken up into small groups (via Zoom Breakout Rooms) and will work through vignettes to design their own study. The larger group will come together to present their design and get feedback.

Contact: Duke AI Health