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What we can learn from 40 years of democracy in Bolivia

With authors Patricia Costas, Javier Zárate, Jorge Derpic, and Cecilia Barja. In their book "Memorias de Nuestra Democracia, los 40 años del 10 de Octubre" (Colectivo Fogoneros 2022)they reflect on the democratic transition in the South American country forty years after its consolidation. On October 10, 1982, after almost two decades of dictatorship, Bolivia recovered its democracy. From that moment on, despite the ongoing economic, political, and social crises, Bolivia maintained its democratic system for almost 40 years. This book and the authors commemorate 40 years of democratic life in Bolivia, and review and discuss the advances, setbacks, and changes that have occurred in the last four decades.

A brief summary about the Fogoneros Group: Starting in August 2021, a group of Bolivians who live in the country and abroad meet every two weeks via zoom to talk about the uneasiness generated by the situation in Bolivia, to break the silence, and regain hope. They gather to kindle the wood before the fire goes out.

Their purpose is to reflect on what democracy is, from different perspectives, with nuances that avoid homogenization and simplification. The challenge of this initiative, like democracy itself in Bolivia, is to be a diverse and genuine space, tolerant and collaborative, that grows from the tension of difference, not despite it. They aspire to create a multigenerational, multidisciplinary, territorial, creative, and broad ideological space.