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Security, Peace, and Conflict Workshop: Anita Ghodes (Hertie School)

Dr. Anita Gohdes (Hertie School) will present a project called "Repression in the Digital Age: Surveillance, Censorship, and the Dynamics of State Violence."

Anita Gohdes is Professor of International and Cyber Security at the Hertie School. Her research focuses on contentious politics in the cyber realm, with a current emphasis on large-scale quantitative analyses of state behavior. Previously, she was Assistant Professor of International Relations at the
University of Zurich, and postdoctoral research fellow at Harvard Kennedy School's Belfer Center International Security Program. Since 2009, she has worked for the California-based non-profit organization Human Rights Data Analysis Group. Dr. Gohdes currently advises the German Federal Foreign Office, and has consulted for the World Bank and the United Nations on security and state fragility.

The SPC seminar is sponsored by the Duke Program in American Grand Strategy.