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Ciompi Quartet Portfolio Project 2021: Premieres by Duke Graduate Composers

Dayton Kinney: "An Empty Room",
Huijuan Ling: "Ondulation",
Brooks Frederickson: "I was thinking about the buffalo."
Also including "Soleil Noir" by Professor John Supko.

The Ciompi Quartet's "Portfolio Project" began in the summer of 2020, when the Quartet commissioned a unique project from four composers in Duke Music's graduate program. The parameters of the commission were unorthodox: to find a solution to the compositional and performing challenges created by the Covid-19 pandemic by creating short works that could be practiced and recorded remotely by each member of the quartet.

The success of this initial project led the Quartet to commission three more works in the summer of 2021 from Duke graduate composers Dayton Kinney, Huijuan Ling, and Brooks Frederickson. It is these three new works, as well as Professor John Supko's "Soleil Noir" (commissioned by the Ciompi Quartet in 2020), that will be heard on this program.

Since its founding in 1965 by the renowned Italian violinist Giorgio Ciompi, the Ciompi Quartet of Duke University has delighted audiences and impressed critics around the world. All its members are professors at Duke, where they teach instrumental lessons, coordinate and coach chamber music, and perform across campus in concert halls, libraries, dormitories and classrooms. In a career that spans five continents and includes many hundreds of concerts, the Ciompi Quartet has developed a reputation for performances of real intelligence and musical sophistication, with a warm, unified sound that allows each player's individual voice to emerge.

Free Admission.

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