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Disparate Exposures, Disparate Outcomes: Environmental and Neighborhood Conditions

Headshot of seminar speaker, Dr. Mercedes Bravo, in front of a gray background.
Thursday, January 06, 2022
12:00 pm - 1:15 pm
Mercedes Bravo, PhD; Duke Global Health Institute
Integrated Toxicology & Environmental Health Seminar Series

It is widely agreed that health and well-being are determined by multiple forces, acting across the life course, yet surprisingly little is known about the interactions of these forces. In particular, environmental exposures that are harmful to health and development, such as lead or air pollution, may be elevated in communities experiencing a multitude of other disadvantages. In this seminar, Dr. Bravo will discuss her research investigating relationships between lead exposure, neighborhood racial segregation, and cognitive outcomes in North Carolina.

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Contact: Alexis Sharp