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What Makes ‘Systemic Racism’ Systemic? Implications for Doctors and the Medical System

Dr. Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, Duke University Professor of Sociology speaking
Tuesday, February 01, 2022
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, PhD
DCRI Research Forum

The Duke Clinical Research Institute welcomes Dr. Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, Duke University Professor of Sociology, to the monthly DCRI Research Forum. Dr. Bonilla-Silva will discuss the following with time for a Q&A after his presentation:
1) Racism is not about 'bad apples' but about a system that emerged in modernity and remains embedded in societies across the world.
2)'Systemic racism' incorporates all members of society and, as such, it has serious implications for MDs and the medical system. No matter how much we all try to be 'objective' and dispassionate in our business, as we are racialized actors, racial cognitions, racial emotions, racial habits, and even unconscious racial stuff affects our interactions.