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Raíces, Rutas Y Ritmos 2: In Concert | En concierto

photos of musicians and performers
Saturday, April 08, 2023
5:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Raíces, Rutas Y Ritmos

Featuring: Alexandra Maria Landeros (East L.A./Mexico), Caribe Vibe (Puerto Rico), Cindy & Heber Tixe ( Peru ), Trio Huasteco (México), Trio Juvenil Huasteco (México)

This is a Free Community Event.

This concert highlights the importance of music-making among Latin American migrants in North Carolina, as well as the prominence of Latin American-derived music in the Triangle area. This, the second of two concerts produced by Raíces, Rutas y Ritmos, intend to share how music is at the center of the way migrant communities adapt to new life conditions, maintain relationships with their places of origin, navigate shifting social circumstances, cultivate and share new ideas of home and belonging.

The concert is designed using roots, routes, and rhythms as driving concepts. A time/space travel via sound, music, and dance (all embodied practices). A mix of genres, languages, bodies, and stories celebrating the roots, routes, and rhythms of Latin American migrants in North Carolina.