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Machine de Cirque: "La Galerie"

Machine de Cirque Cast performing "La Galerie"
Tuesday, January 31, 2023
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm
Duke Performances Spring 2023 Season

The circus is coming to town, but not just any circus! Machine de Cirque is a Québec City-based company that packs high doses of dizzying feats, powerful emotions, poetry, intelligence and humor into their fearless show, "La Galerie". The Company's ingenious and deeply human creations skillfully blend the highest levels of contemporary circus with musical and theatrical performances.

"La Galerie" features seven acrobats and a musician who attend an exhibition and turn a monochrome exhibit into an explosion of color. With astonishing discoveries, poetic liberties and a serious dose of silly fun, these performers turn the exhibition upside down and inside out to fuel this ode to creativity.

Don't miss this zany evening at the theater. According to the British Theatre Guide, Machine de Cirque brings "new twists on classic circus skills and heaps of infectious joie de vivre." Edinburgh Spotlight calls the troupe, "colorful, dynamic and utterly unique."