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MIDS Cloud Club: Azure Cloud Development Workshop + Demo

MIDS Cloud Club Microsoft Azre Workshop Thursday March 7 via zoom or in Gross 270 at 3pm. White text on blue background
Thursday, March 07, 2024
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Liam Hampton from Microsoft

Join us on Thursday, 7th March via zoom or in Gross 270, for an exclusive Cloud Club meeting featuring Liam Hampton, a Senior Cloud Advocate from the Microsoft, who will be leading a hands-on demo focused on streamlining cloud development workflows with Azure services.

What to Expect:
Deep Dive into Azure Developer CLI: Learn how to automate and optimize your cloud application development using the Azure Developer CLI.
Azure DevOps Integration: Gain insights into best practices for integrating Azure DevOps for seamless continuous delivery.
GitHub CLI Insights: Discover how GitHub CLI can complement your Azure development experience.

For Whom: This session is perfect for developers and cloud enthusiasts keen on enhancing their cloud development practices, especially within the Azure ecosystem.

Special Note: Liam invites any specific questions or areas of interest you'd like covered during the demo. Please feel free to share your thoughts in advance to make this session as beneficial as possible for everyone.
Looking forward to a productive session filled with valuable insights and best practices to elevate your cloud development workflow!
Don't miss this opportunity to learn from one of the industry's experts and enhance your skills in cloud development!
Hosted by MIDS Cloud Club
Join us in Gross 270 or via zoom:

Contact: Shanon Jacobs