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Panel Discussion: Inclusive Assessment in Quantitative Courses

Faculty teaching undergraduate courses in Mathematics, Engineering and Statistical Science participated in a Faculty Learning Community over the last year, funded by a Duke Learning Innovation Carry the Innovation Forward Grant. Faculty (and three undergraduate students) met every three weeks in the last academic year to discuss recent literature on inclusive assessment practices, including reading the book Grading for Equity. Faculty piloted modifications to their classroom assessments to be more inclusive, and one of the undergraduates shared her perspectives on assessment and grading at Duke though an opinion piece in the Duke Chronicle. In these sessions, three of the participating faculty will discuss their experiences in modifying their assessment practices and how their experiences last year are informing their assessment practices going forward.There are two sessions (Sept 12 at 2 pm and Sept 19 at 10:30 am), with different speakers; consider registering for and attending both.

Contact: Tammy Toler