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John Hollenbeck Large Ensemble

A drummer and bandleader known for his extravagant talent and chimerical compositions, John Hollenbeck inhabits his own world of "gleaming modernity" (NY Times) between jazz and New Music. With his 20-piece Large Ensemble, which topped DownBeat's 2011 Critics Poll, Hollenbeck dreams of the jazz big-band as a biosphere seething with vivid tonal and timbral colors. Winds, horns, bass, piano, drums, and vocalists - the "transcendent" Theo Bleckmann (Village Voice) and the "astute and sensitive" Kate McGarry (NY Times) - plunge into the wilds of Hollenbeck's humid lyricism at Reynolds Theater. *** The John Hollenbeck Large Ensemble: *** Woodwinds: Ben Kono - flute/soprano/alto saxophone ; Jeremy Viner - clarinet / tenor saxophone ; Tony Malaby - tenor saxophone/soprano saxophone ; Dan Willis - tenor saxophone/soprano saxophone/flute/english horn ; Bohdan Hilash - bass clarinet/baritone saxophone/contrabass clarinet/bass saxophone *** Trombones: Rob Hudson ; Mike Christenson ; Jacob Garchik ; Alan Ferber *** Trumpets/Flugelhorns: Tony Kadleck ; John Bailey ; Dave Ballou ; Laurie Frink *** Rhythm: Kermit Driscoll - Acoustic and Electric Bass ; John Hollenbeck - Drums ; Matt Mitchell - Piano/Keys ; Patricia Franceshy - Mallet Percussion ; -Theo Bleckmann - Voice ; Kate McGarry - Special Guest, Voice ; JC Sanford - Conductor

Contact: Ken Rumble