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Artificial Life, Artificial Culture and Evolutionary Computation

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Thursday, October 02, 2014
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4:15 pm - 5:30 pm
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Nick Gessler ยท Complex Systems Lab
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Media Arts + Sciences Rendezvous

The program in Artificial Life, Artificial Culture and Evolutionary Computation here at Duke comprises one course in the philosophy, theory and practice of Complex Systems and two additional courses, each focusing on specific problems in the evolution of multiple agency and causation, the first as encountered in Espionage, the second as encountered in Meteoritics. Complex Systems participants build models and simulations which illustrate the emergence of complex global patterns of behavior from simple local rules. They explore, experiment, enhance and enjoy the behaviors of applications they create which typically produce unexpected results. In addition to working with increasingly rich representations of time, space and agency we connect our applications to the real world of sensors and actuators. Complex Systems is now being adapted to provide a graduate-level MA course for Media Arts + Sciences. Lab work includes visualization, sonification, multitouch, the chaos game, cellular automata, growth, parallel rewrite (L-) systems, assimilation, segregation, flocking, herding, orbital dynamics, cryptology, A/D D/A conversion, evolutionary algorithms and algorithmic art. Some of this work will be demonstrated at our Rendez-vous. Our featured speaker will give a short review of their projects and engage everyone in a discussion on the topic. All those interested in Media Arts + Sciences at Duke are welcome! Drinks and snacks are provided.

Contact: Eric Monson