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NASHER MUSEUM EXHIBITION: "All Matterings of Mind: Transcendent Imagery from the Contemporary Collection"

To transcend is to go beyond, to surpass, to exceed or rise above in extent or degree. Transcendence can be physical, spiritual, emotional or mental and allows for an encounter that defies expectations. The works in this exhibition transcend everyday experience through the creation of magical worlds and new sensations, the suggestion of alternate modes of being, and explorations of the boundaries of artmaking itself. Comprised of many recent acquisitions and special loans, "All Matterings of Mind" presents a selection of works that simultaneously challenge the senses and propose surprising, exhilarating and meditative ways of encountering diverse people, places and ideas. The exhibition includes art in a variety of mediums primarily from the last 15 years but also encompasses transformative imagery from every decade since the 1960s.

Contact: Wendy Hower