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John Jasperse Projects

ADF will present the North Carolina premiere of Within between, an evening-length ADF-commissioned work by groundbreaking choreographer John Jasperse created in collaboration with the performers, including an original commissioned score by composer Jonathan Bepler and lighting design by Lenore Doxsee. Everything looks like something. But apparently you can't judge a book by its cover. Despite the interplay and disjunction between essence and appearance, all artistic work uses its perceptual surface (what it looks like, sounds like, feels like) as a means of transmission. The aesthetics of a work of art speak to the value systems of its author(s), which are in turn formed through the construction of such eternally slippery terms as beauty. In Within between Jasperse seeks both to embrace and to resist the habits of his own history, to create a cross-pollination or catalytic mating of sensibilities, where the work emerges out of the space between what seems to be distinct terrains. Mature audiences recommended due to language.

Contact: Sarah Tondu