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Conference Announcement_8.29.23

"The New American Society for Apheresis Guidelines. Updates to the 9th Special Issue" Toyosi Onwuemene, MD; "Reducing Adult Sickle Cell Patients' Utilization of the ED by Using a Day Hospital for Managing Acute Sickle Cell Pain," Joy Elliott Curry, DNP and Shieghetha L. Edwards, DNP

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Hematology Case Conference: Cancelled

Heme Conference_10.10.23

Hematology Case Conference: "Presentation on Implicit Bias" John Strouse, MD, PhD

Heme Conference_11.7.23

Hematology Case Conference: “Factor VII deficiency in pregnancy with a twin twist”

Heme Conference_11.14.23

Hematology Case Conference: “Acquired Von Willebrand Syndrome” Sargam Kapoor, MD; “Making the TTP Diagnosis - How late is too late?” Toyosi Onwuemene, MD

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Hematology Case Conference:

Heme Conference_11.28.23

Hematology Case Conference: “TeleHelth The Past, The Present & The Future…of Medicine” Amit Goldberg, MD; “Just Say No! Corticosteroids and Sickle Cell Disease” John J. Strouse MD, PhD

Heme Conference_12.5.23

Hematology Case Conference: "TBD" Sandy El Bitar, MD; "Secondary Erythrocytosis" Erin O'Branski, PA

Heme Conference_1.16.24

Division of Hematology Presents: “SCD Gene Therapy: Considerations of 'Transformative' Therapy” John Strouse, MD, Phd; Nirmish Shah, MD

Heme Conference_2.6.24

Division of Hematology Presents: “Cyclical Thrombocytopenia” Gow Arepally, MD; “An Interesting Case of Peripartum Hemolytic Anemia” Jordan Infield, MD

Hematology Case Conference_2.13.24

Division of Hematology Presents: “The Evidence Base for Using Individualized Pain Plans in the Emergency Department to Treat VOE” Paula J Tanabe, PhD

Heme Conference_2.20.24

Division of Hematology Presents: “A computable phenotype of early TTP” by Dr Toyosi Onwuemene; “Management of ITP in Pregnancy” by Dr Amanda Broderick

Heme Conference_2.27.24

Division of Hematology Presents: "Update on blood components" Grace Lee, MD

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Division of Hematology Presents: "Biologic Therapy in Managment of APS" (Jenny O'Brien MD, PhD)

Heme Conference_3.26.24

Division of Hematology Presents: “Cultural Complications Stereotype Threat” John J. Strouse MD, PhD

Heme Conference_4.16.24

Division of Hematology Presents: "A Case of Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia" (Fadzai Chinyengtere, MD"

Heme Conference_4.23.24

Division of Hematology Presents: "Delivery planning in the setting of mechanical valve and HIT" (Jerome Federspiel MD, PhD)"

Heme Conference_4.30.24

Division of Hematology Presents: "Decoding Peripheral Blood Smears" Soheir Adam, MD; "A Case of Delayed Bleeding after Tonsillectomy" Ayanna Baptiste, MD

Heme Conference_5.7.24

Division of Hematology Presents: “6 month old with Evan’s Syndrome” Jennifer Rothman, MD

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