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Bambi Linn

Broadway Legend Bambi Linn in conversation

Sponsor(s): Theater Studies
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Marxism, Socialism, Feminism: A Transnational Conversation

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A Conversation with Dean Ashby

Patrice Douglass

Black Feminism and the Limits of the Law

darren gobert headshot

Purge, Purify, Clarify

Sponsor(s): Theater Studies
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Museum in Exile: Martin Wong and the Museum of American Graffiti

Jasmine Syedullah Flyer

Moving Harriet Jacobs: Beyond the Slavery of Freedom

PR for Duke

Feminism and the Romance Novel

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On Trans Asociality

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Nancy and the Queer Adorable in the Serial Comics Form

Jillian Johnson

Feminism & Politics: A Durham Story

GW Autumn Jenkins

Please Believe Me...From Lemons to Lemonade After sexual Assault

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Ghosts Behind the Camera

Gender Wednesday Undergraduate Speaker/Luncheon Series

I Wish I Knew Then What I Know NOW!

2018-2019 Duke On Gender Colloquium

Black Muslims and the Black Arts Movement

Stehpanie Elizondo Griest Reading


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Histories of the Transgender Child

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Feminism & Politics: A Durham Story

2018-2019 Duke on Gender Colloquium

Gender, Race and Labor in the Academy

Gender Wednesday, Mayor Steve Schewel

The Diverse Future of Durham

Conversation with Meyda

Conversation Series with Meyda Yegenoglu on State Violence and Ethnic Minorities

Gender Wednesday Krystal George

Gender Violence Prevention: It's Not Just Checking a Box

2018-2019 Duke on Gender Colloquium

Transnationally Thinking Men and Masculinities

Convo with Meyda 2

Conversation Series with MeydaYegenoglu, Topic: Archives, Factuality and Testimony

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