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HANES HOUSE 131 X 06/10/2023 X
ID Grand Rounds Double Header

ID Grand Rounds - Double Header

Maria Blasi Grand Rounds October 23

Infectious Diseases Grand Rounds: Use of Integrase-Defective Lentiviral Vectors in Vaccine Development

Andrew Alspaugh Grand Rounds October 30

Infectious Diseases Grand Rounds: "We are all stressed: Lessons from a Microbe."

Jason Stout Grand Rounds November 13, 2023

ID Grand Rounds: "State of the State in TB."

Christopher Shoff Grand Rounds November 20, 2023

ID Grand Rounds: "Molecular Imaging for Infectious Diseases: Updates and Advances."

Lance Okeke Grand Rounds November 27, 2023

ID Grand Rounds: "One Last Hurdle: Addressing the Southern HIV Epidemic towards an end to HIV in America."

Infectious Diseases Grand Rounds December 11, 2023

ID Grand Rounds: "Hot Topics in HIV Treatment"

ID Grand Rounds, Monday April 29, 4:00pm, Dr. Charles Hicks

ID Grand Rounds: "CROI Update 2024"