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WEST DUKE 202 X 10/01/2022 X
Dr. Insa Lawler

Philosophy Colloquium with Insa Lawler: The Gradability of Explanatory Understanding

Sponsor(s): Philosophy
Dr. Dee Payton

Philosophy Colloquium: "Systemic Marginalization as System Caging"

Sponsor(s): Philosophy
Dr. Shanna Slank

POSTPONED: Philosophy Colloquium with Shanna Slank

Sponsor(s): Philosophy
Dr. Joseph Chan

Philosophy Colloquium: The Moral Limits of Violence in Political Resistance

Sponsor(s): Philosophy
Marya Schechtman smiling for the camera

Philosophy Colloquium with Marya Schechtman: Time in a Bottle

Sponsor(s): Philosophy
Dr. Shanna Slank, a woman smiling, sitting at a table with food.

POSTPONED - Philosophy Colloquium with Shanna Slank - "On Keeping On and Quitting"

Sponsor(s): Philosophy
Daniel Muñoz with headphones on, speaking to a podcasting microphone

Philosophy Colloquium with Daniel Muñoz - "Taurek, Parfit, and the Separateness of Persons"

Sponsor(s): Philosophy
Jin Y. Park smiling

Philosophy Colloquium - "Philosophy of Crisis"

Sponsor(s): Philosophy
Charlotte Witt

POSTPONED TBD: Philosophy Colloquium with Charlotte Witt: "What Explains Social Role Normativity?"

Sponsor(s): Philosophy
Woman hiking in the woods with a baby strapped to her back.

Philosophy Colloquium - "On Keeping On and Quitting"

Sponsor(s): Philosophy
Speaker, Charlotte Witt, smiling.

Philosophy Colloquium

Sponsor(s): Philosophy