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Duke Physics Colloquium: The Road to Nuclear Physics from Standard Model

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Wednesday, February 13, 2019
3:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Zohreh Davoudi (University of Maryland)
Duke Physics Colloquium

"The Road to Nuclear Physics from Standard Model" - At the core of nuclear physics is to make predictions for complex phenomena occurring in the hottest and densest environments in nature, to determine how ordinary matter interacts with mysterious dark matter or other new particles, and to reveal any violation of fundamental symmetries of nature using nuclear targets. To achieve an unprecedented precision in these questions, the field has gradually started to eliminate its reliance on phenomenological models, and has entered an era when the underlying interactions are set to those in the Standard Model of particle physics. Light nuclear systems can now emerge directly from quark and gluon degrees of freedom and with only quantum chromodynamics (QCD) interactions in play, using the numerical method of lattice QCD. Few-body observable, such as few-hadron interactions and scattering amplitudes, as well as transition amplitudes and reaction rates, have been the focus of this vastly growing field. Once obtained from QCD and matched to effective field theories, these determinations can advance and improve nuclear many-body calculations of exceedingly more complex systems. This talk is a brief introduction to this program and its goals, with a focus on a few examples that demonstrate the roadmap from the Standard Model to nuclear physics. Faculty hosts: Shailesh Chandrasekharan and Roxanne Springer | Refreshments will be available in room 130 before the event.

Contact: Cristin Paul