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2021 Arabic Hebrew Night

Arabic Hebrew Night is an opportunity to think positively about culture, language, and history. The event has run continuously for ten years, growing rapidly as students eagerly participated.

Arabic Hebrew Night is a public display of language that helps increase students' self-confidence and ownership of their Arabic or Hebrew. Leading up to Arabic Hebrew Night, Duke students rehearse poem recitations, songs, skits and presentations in the language they study in class. Students of all language levels, from those who are in their first semester of a foreign language to those who have achieved fluency, perform their piece in front of students, faculty, and community members.

For more information about the background of Arabic Hebrew Night, visit:

To view the livestream, follow the link below:

***This is a hybrid event (including both in-person and virtual options). In order to register for in-person or virtual components, please click the "More Event Information" tab at the bottom of this page or copy and paste the link listed in the "Cost" section above.

***Students: Please remember to bring your Duke ID in order to get into the building.

Contact: Anna Ruhe