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VFF: The Cell Cycle Browser: an interactive tool for visualizing, simulating, and perturbing cell cycle progression

image of a colorful network visualization, with the following text: Visualization Friday Forum; Fridays at noon; LSRC D106
Friday, November 10, 2017
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
David Borland & Jeremy Purvis · RENCI & UNC Department of Genetics
Visualization Friday Forum

The cell cycle is driven by precise temporal coordination among many molecular activities. To understand and explore this process, we developed the Cell Cycle Browser (CCB), an interactive web interface based on real-time reporter data collected in proliferating human cells. This tool facilitates the visualization of time-series traces of individual cells extracted from microscopy images, and the simulation of computational models of cells. Virtual assays, such as growth curves and flow cytometry, provide familiar outputs to compare cell cycle behaviors for data and simulations. The CCB serves to unify our understanding of cell cycle dynamics and provides a platform for generating hypotheses through virtual experiments.

Contact: Angela Zoss