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Impact of Advanced Technologies on Education and Research: Understanding Institutional Competitiveness

Arpine Sargsyan, Magdalena Yesil Visiting Professor. Impact of Advanced Technologies on Education and Research: Understanding institutional competitiveness.
Thursday, May 23, 2024
10:00 am - 11:00 am
Arpine Sargsyan
Magdalena Yesil Visiting Professor Presentation

Dr. Arpine Sargsyan, the Magdalena Yesil Visiting Professor at Duke Sanford, will present preliminary results of her research to understand the impact of advanced technologies on education and institutional competitiveness.

Advanced technologies are becoming increasingly accessible in all sectors of the economy, including higher education and research. In a world driven by constant change and innovation, Institutions are undergoing a rapid transformation, and emerging technologies play a crucial role in these processes.

These technologies and their wide usage have generated significant interest and debates about the future of teaching and learning, researching, and commercializing. Representatives of academic institutions present concerns about the future control of the learning process and the possible replacement of human educators or researchers. As the influx of modern technologies provides both opportunities and challenges, various stakeholders are pursuing answers. Effective, efficient, and timely integration of these technologies may give institutions significant competitive advantages in various fields.

Investigating how prepared higher education and research institutions are to adopt modern technologies has become essential for promoting competitiveness.

The objective of her research is to explore the intersection of institutional competitiveness and advanced technologies in education and research, with a specific focus on several institutions' experiences. By analyzing their strategies, challenges, and success cases in integrating advanced technologies, the research aims to derive insights applicable to other institutions.

Contact: Nicole Filippo